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Asset Management

Elliott Associates provides Asset Management Services to individuals or families who have a significant investment in commercial real estate. We focus specifically on servicing Family Businesses because it enables us to meld our unique strengths as relationship managers with our expertise in developing comprehensive, integrated strategic real estate planning.

Building strong personal relationships with principals, and developing a thorough understanding of personalities, family history, social goals, and succession planning, is essential to developing appropriate and successful long-term strategies for family assets. By cultivating an open communication and information framework with our clients, we empower them to make informed decisions regarding their assets.

Because our company was built on managing the smallest details of a property and its day-to-day operations, we are able to create expansive, integrated and informed strategies that few others can. Our asset managers genuinely understand what it means to develop specific real estate strategies and, just as importantly, to perform the technical analysis required to monitor performance of the involved assets.

Matching an investment strategy or a particular asset with the specific goals of our clients goes well beyond the numbers. Understanding the investor goals, as well as the personal goals of our relationship clients, enables us to apply both an entrepreneurial and a social perspective to our analysis. 

In many instances, an asset that not only meets the basic economic goals we have established but also fulfills some or all of the more intangible client criteria is considered much more successful than one that provides marginally higher economic returns but meets fewer family social goals. Because of this, our planning encompasses issues such as pride of ownership, personal association with the tenant mix, social and environmental sensitivity of the property, geographical proximity to other family interests or residences, and other relevant details.

Elliott Associates currently has nearly 5 million square feet of assets under management totaling in excess of $1 billion in value. We’re in the market every day dealing with the basic elements of commercial property ownership on behalf of our clients and that real-time knowledge is a readily-accessible and easily-communicated between our asset managers and our client services departments.

All of our employees, experience, and services work together to form a powerful resource and a single point of contact for our clients to maximize their real estate assets.

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Elliott Associates has been our management company for over ten years. Our company consists of three generations of family.  Two that have voting power and a third that is welcome to attend meetings. A fourth generation is in toddler-hood. We had limited experience in retail business and the various complexities that accompany such a business.  Elliott Associates has educated us in various business matters, including explaining very intricate means of borrowing and securing monies from various sources, detailing the complexities of annualizing properties to determine their true worth, and providing us the needed knowledge to continue to grow our portfolio.

There is great skill in the ability to answer and explain further to an audience of unsophisticated members. The Elliott’s have accomplished this time after time.

Their ability to monitor and facilitate our meetings allowed our company to expand and prosper while keeping our family relationships intact. They have been instrumental in moving our entire family into the technological era.  This has all been accomplished with the highest degree of integrity, confidentiality and attention to detail. 

Randy Hodgson