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Elliott Associates has successfully completed nearly a billion in commercial real estate sales transactions.

We accomplished this through our commitment to buy and sell every property as if we owned it ourselves. We work transactions from Florida to Fairbanks and from Santa Ana to Salt Lake City. Whether it's multi-tenant retail or single-tenant, net-leased properties, we make it happen by leveraging state-of-the-art technology, broad data sources, established investment analysis, and creative marketing strategies.

Our unique position as a company with roots firmly established in every facet of the industry has given us a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources that we leverage for our clients in a way that few can. This is how we made a name for ourselves as one of the Northwest's foremost Commercial Real Estate firms. We stand out from the corporate houses because we're a family business, offering individual attention to detail and extraordinary service.

Most importantly, we believe that trust is the true currency of this business, so we do all we can to establish and uphold this ideal through clear, concise, and frequent communication.

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"Chinook Investment Company, a closely held Oregon Corporation, has been in Oregon since 1911, and Elliott Associates has been at the helm, managing a number of our properties for the last decade. Elliott’s superb team has played the central role not only in management but also improvement, acquisition, sale, and major reorganization in a manner far superior to that of other real estate firms with whom we have worked. We recommend them without exception."
Frederick A.J. Kingery
Chinook Investment Company