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Accounting Services

Accounting helps avoids surprises. At Elliott Associates, we use numbers for more than just recording debits and credits. We use them to communicate where the property has been, where it's going and how this information relates to the budget for future planning.

Our budgets are used as a roadmap, and our reports are the navigational tool that help our clients achieve greater knowledge about their properties and allows them to project income and plan for taxes, insurance, operating expenses and capital expenditures. By understanding the lease agreement and tying this knowledge into our budgeting methodology, we help our clients better manage their property.

Our state-of-the art, industry software combined with the experience and skills of our Accounting Team give us the capability to account for and report on a variety of properties for a variety of clients. Accounting is much more than a basic requirement. It is a key tool for creating smooth relationships between owners and tenants and for smarter, more informed financial management of a property.

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"I have worked with many different property management companies and Elliott and Associates stands out as the best by far. They truly have the owner's best interest in their view at all times, from cash flow management to value creation to skilled handling of all tenant issues. "
Mike Kehoe
Lake Oswego, OR